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Solidarity and protest tour – What is our aim?

We want to draw attention internationally towards the protest of the Save Rosia Montana cause and help the locals and the activists to gain more support through networking. We want to inform the European public about what is really happening locally.
To reach as many people as possible on our tour (end point of the trip is Rosia Montana, during this year’s FanFest) and to get in contact with members of environmental and social civil society in Eastern/Western Europe, we will go all the way by bike. Because who speaks against environmental destruction should start with himself.

The “We love Rosia Montana” project is an adventure trip of two Europeans from completely different countries – Germany and Romania. When we have first met, at the FanFest 2012 – we promised to “make the world a better place and to begin with the salvation of Rosia Montana”.

Now words become actions : Next summer we will cross Europe on a tandem bike – from Copenhagen to Rosia Montana. During the trip we will organize events in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Cluj Napoca and Rosia Montana.



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