Who are we and why are we the right people for this tour?

I’m Louisa (22) from Germany and I am studying Eastern European politics in Chemnitz. Over one year I have been living in Romania as an exchange student and since the very first day I am  in love with the country and the people.

I’m Tica (20) from Romania and studying Multimedia Design in Copenhagen. Last summer I already made this tour alone. Now I am going to do it again, but this time bigger. I’m very happy that I met Louisa. The reason why I make this trip again, is that I believe in the salvation of Rosia Montana and in the following african proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.“

We have a lot of motivation and endless energy. Both – sport and travelling – has always been an important part of our lives.

Tandem means teamwork. And we are just a perfect team!

Our skills complement brilliant. Louisa is responsible for the theoretical part of the project. For months, she studied the protest against the gold-mining project in Rosia Montana as a case of civil society movements. Tica, however, has plenty of experience in the documentation of adventure travelling.

Geboren, zu reisen und zu helfen | 2 Personen-2 Geschichten – eine Motivation: Save Rosia Montana

Full of energy, he’s always sportive, fun-seeking and ready to go! Tica is a truly adventurous young man with big ambitions and DIY sprites. He’s sososo sharing and willing to help. (Jingjing Zhou, China)

he’s one of the most smiling, active, positive and willing person that I’ve never met! (Ilaria Vichi, Italy)

If I should describe him in three words then I would say: “Big, genuine smile, adventurous and ultra-light racing bike!” (Jonas David, Germany)

Tica is really a vibrant character. (Ylena Zamora-Vargas, Cuba)

I was impresed how Tica was kind & generous. (Denys Knokh, Ukraine)

He has some funny storys to tell and is as far as i know a really ambitious person. (Ebla Wais, Germany)

Tica is a very funny guy!!! We spent a good time together… We love his stories about life and travel… (Arlanda Moreno, Venezuela)

Louisa is one very open minded soul. She is little explorer, very optimistic about life. (Nenad Nacevic, Serbia)

I’m really glad I met Louisa. I am still amazed by her courage and her optimism. (Dragos Ion, Romania)

Louisa is very sociable and has a lot of creative ideas. Moreover, she was a professional handball player and loves everything related to movement – sport is her passion. Physically and mentally she loves challenges. (Anne Winkel, Germany)

Louisa is awesome! Words do not do justice when describing her. She is one of the nicest persons I have met. (Dadi Popescu, Romania)

The experiences in Romania have enriched Louisa more than she could has ever imagined. Gratitude, solidarity and the desire to give something back is what motivated her. (Tabea Barmeyer, Germany)